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Types of Women - CATERER

Caterer woman type
Types of Women - Caterer
I use the term "caterer" here to describe a woman who is attentive to a man's needs (versus a woman who cooks for a living ... although that might be nice!).  A woman who is a caterer is someone who is very easy-going, and who will want to help you out with whatever it is you are into, or are doing, etc. These caterer women can be very handy to have around - they will do most of the work for you.  They typically are more of the housewife and/or housecat type - and usually are not professionally employed.  These women are PLEASERS ... they want to make you happy, and will go through a lot of extra effort in trying to make you happy.  What am I talking about, specifically?  Sex?  Maybe - but to a true caterer, sex would be only one symptom.  Other symptoms of a caterer here might include baking you cookies, offering to make your friends dinner, bringing you an unsolicited present, cleaning your house, washing your car, walking your dog, pulling weeds in your garden, etc.  In other words, a caterer is often chore-oriented!  And there is nothing I like better than watching a woman work!  [You cannot ever tell that to a woman though.]   Midlife bachelors deserve to have a caterer in their lives ... but sadly, in American culture today, there are relatively few caterers to be found.  At least I have not met too many of them in the Los Angeles area.

My friend, Gordy, seems to attract more than his share of caterer women.  His current girlfriend, Kim, is most definitely a caterer - as she often makes treats for all of Gordy's friends whenever people come over to watch TV.  She has even made us dinner - and she is a great cook.  Gordy likes karaoke, and so does Kim - they have these karaoke parties, and Kim shares the microphone just like Gordy.  [Enough alcohol, and everyone sounds great.]  Aside from cooking, the one quality that sticks out in my mind about Kim is that she genuinely wants to make Gordy happy.  Everything she does is centered not on her - but on Gordy, and how he thinks or feels about something.  Now Gordy is not necessarily the kindest of boyfriends toward her at times - so I suppose that sometimes these caterer women are attracted to or influenced by some level of negative feedback ... hard for me to say.  I, myself, have not dated too many caterer women - so I have to rely on what I see in others.  One thing I have noticed about Gordy's current caterer, and also at least one of his previous caterer girlfriends is that they most definitely have low self-esteem.  Perhaps catering is the way they seek approval and validation?  We might have to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist in order to continue with a detailed analysis - but for now, for midlife bachelor purposes - caterers can be good for you, and for your friends!

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