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Types of Women - HOUSEWIFE

Housewife woman
Types of Women - Housewife
A "housewife" is significantly different than the previously-described "housecat" woman - even though they might seem to imply similar qualities, they actually do not.  The typical universal definition of the term "housewife" is a woman who manages her own household as her career - like a "homemaker".  That type of housewife is married - and I am not referring to married women!  I use the term, "housewife", in a much more narrow sense ... I mean it to refer to a single woman - usually divorced, and often with kids.    She may drive a minivan (yikes), she may be overweight (if you are a chubby-chaser, then watch it jiggle), she may be receiving large alimony or child support payments (which can help you pay for stuff).  I have dated a lot of housewives in my midlife bachelorhood - and I can tell you the single best quality they all share is that they are (more often than not) sex-starved, and ready for some ACTION!  Oh yeah!  Housewives typically give it up quickly - in other words, it is relatively easy to get them into bed.  So dating a housewife is actually a good thing - unless you hate children.  [I will come back and address the subject of children from a prior relationship later - right now, I am focusing on the mom ... the housewife.]  To date a housewife, you have to be at the very least TOLERANT of children - although in some cases, you may never actually see your housewife girlfriend's children.

Examples - where do I begin?  I have dozens and dozens of examples from my own past.  Let's start with the aerobic housewife I met at the gym a number of years ago.  I actually knew this woman in high school, plus I did some business with her parents' company for which she worked for a while.  She had been married for as long as I could remember, and I knew that she had just had a child around two years ago.  Anyway, I ran into Linda at the local grocery store - and as I was talking to her in the aisle, I noticed that she was not wearing a wedding ring.  When I asked her about this, she said that she had split up with her husband four months prior ... and was getting a divorce.  "That is a shame, Linda - I'm so sorry to hear this. Maybe I can take you out for a drink or dinner or something sometime?"  And her eyes lit up - and her lips said "Sure".  Next thing I knew I was out with Linda - and before the end of the second date, her hot little skirt was down, down, down to the ground.  This woman was obviously sex-starved because she craved what I was giving her - and we wound up having it quite a lot.  She had these DD size breasts, too - and they would clap together (like applause) when I had her on all fours ... which was extremely entertaining!

Here's another quick story - this woman named Margie worked at the local private postal center.  She was around five years younger than me, and every time I came in - I noticed that she would make it a point to interact with me.  I knew from talking to her that Margie was divorced, and had three children - which is a lot of kids!  After a while, Margie started calling me from the private postal center - not just to tell me I had a package to pick up ... but sometimes just to say "hi".  At that point, I knew I had "one on", and I asked her out.  Margie and I started having sex almost immediately.  All I had to do was open the front door, and she was ready to go down.  This was great - except that right from the start, it kind of bounded the relationship to sex.  As the months went by, we both realized that we didn't really have a lot in common except how happy the sex made us.  Plus - at that point in my life (early 30s), I really did not want to wind up marrying a woman who had three children from a prior marriage ... so I kept her fairly distant from a relationship standpoint.  Yet we managed to see one another at least once each week - and we always wound up in bed ... usually within the first ten minutes after she arrived.

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My friends all made fun of me for dating these housewives.  They said that I'm getting someone else's leftovers ... that worrying about their kids is a burden ... and that these women being maybe slightly chunky were unattractive ... WRONG!  These women were all very good-looking, and extremely sexy.  I would tell my loser friends that I'd rather date a housewife than do what they were doing - which was jacking themselves off alone in the shower every night.  I just love the housewives - I'm telling you they are a great category of woman for a midlife bachelor to be with ... oh yes they are!



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