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Types of Women - HOUSECAT

Housecat woman
Types of Women - Housecat
My good friend in the entertainment industry, Kev, actually coined the term "housecat" (as it applies to women) during a telephone conversation I was having with him about my girlfriend at the time.  Kev had called me at home around lunchtime on a handful of occasions, and each time I told him that I needed to keep my voice down because the little woman was sleeping.  Kev finally asked me after pointing out that it was after 12:00 noon - "Did you marry a housecat?"  After I stopped laughing, and several hours later, I realized that in a certain sense I was actually dating a housecat ... but not an actual cat, rather a particular type of woman!  After recognizing this, I thought more about it - and I could point to several of my friends who also lived with housecat women ... although some of these women are more extreme housecat types than others.

Okay - so the definition of a "housecat" type of woman that I have settled on is:  any woman who spends a significant amount of her time at home, sleeping, watching TV, doing home-related chores, or doing nothing at all.  There are different degrees of being a "housecat".  For example, a previous girlfriend worked full-time ... but because she was a teacher, had periods of time when she was not working for weeks ... and during those weeks, she often slept in until 1:00 p.m.  She was also very organized around our home - she kept everything picked up, cleaned and dusted a lot, and enjoyed watching TV.  Compared to the average woman, in my opinion she spends about twice as much time at home.  None of this is bad or negative - I loved this woman, and I would not have changed a thing about her.  She was not out partying, or doing anything bad ... she was just a little more of a home-body.  And I think that is just fine.

Another example is a woman named Karen who lived with my friend, Ronnie.  Karen lived with Ronnie for five years or so, and I do not think she had ever held one job for more than two months.  She seemed to prefer sitting at home, watching TV, smoking cigarettes, and chatting with her girlfriends.  Ronnie seemed happy with this, and she also seemed happy - so I am not criticizing ... rather I am pointing out that she is also a "housecat", but a more extreme type than the woman that I was living with.

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You as a midlife bachelor need to decide if you like the housecat type of woman.  The upside to dating a housecat is that your house will likely be cleaner and tidier than it would otherwise (assuming she is not a LAZY HOUSECAT - ha!).  You will also have more companionship than you otherwise might.  But if you like an independent woman who goes out, and makes things happen - then a housecat woman is probably not the right fit for you.



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