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Types of Women - PSYCHO

Psychotic woman
Types of Women - Psycho
Psycho - that one word says it all.  It means completely nuts.  Psycho women will do things that are completely crazy ... lacking rational thought ... actions with no thought about consequences.  Sometimes they are violent. Sometimes they break things or throw things.  Sometimes they scream and yell.  Sometimes they do outrageous things like vandalize your car, or embarrass or harass you at work.  They might even threaten you or your new girlfriend.  You get the idea.  These women are just plain crazy - and there is nothing you can do to change them.  Your best strategy after you recognize that a women is psycho is to cut your losses immediately ... hopefully before she gets too attached to you, as that might minimize potential bad behavior that might be directed toward you.

Sounds scary, eh?  The funny part is that most psycho women do not appear to be psycho right away.   Often times it takes many months before their true colors start to show.  You best bet as a midlife bachelor is to watch for early signs of psychosis, and then make your decisions.  One thing to be careful of - women who are psycho are often very passionate in nature ... which means they are most likely very good in bed.  Remember what I said earlier when I was talking about "false starts" - good sex can mask over a lot of things.  So when the sex starts off really, really hot ... be extra careful.  Watch the rest of her behavior very carefully, and see especially how she treats other people - as that is one key method for early detection of a psycho woman.

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Let me give you some examples.  My good friend, Greg, has a psycho wife named Tiffany - who I often use as an example throughout this website.  One thing that Tiffany still does to this day is harass the people that work in grocery or department stores if they are not super courteous to her.  In other words, if they do not extend a high degree of graciousness toward her, she is likely to cause a scene.  Now I have never personally witnessed one of these episodes - but they apparently are bad enough that my friend, Greg, will not go shopping with Tiffany.  He also tells me that she will start yelling at other customers in a store if, for example, someone bumps into her accidentally.  The bottom line is that this woman is so psycho that she thinks the world must bow down to her.

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A good example in my own life was a woman named Mia who worked at one of the local car dealerships.  The service manager had fixed me up with her because he said she was without a boyfriend, and I (the midlife bachelor) was available at the time, plus I was a pretty decent guy.  Anyway, I met this woman at a restaurant of her choosing - and she picked a Sizzler.  [Obviously her restaurant choice told me she was not high maintenance ... which was fine.]  When I met her - wow, she was a really good-looking blonde.  She had kind of a big ass, but I go through phases where I like big asses - so I thought she was going to be a great ride.  I knew this woman had manners and professionalism since she was the customer service manager at the car dealership ... so everything was looking good at this point.  Now if you know the Sizzler restaurants, you know that you order at the register and then the waitress brings the food out to you.  Here's where the early warning system started to kick in.  When the waitress brought Mia her food - Mia was not happy at all with it.  She said her steak was not done enough - but clearly both I and the waitress could see that it was prepared "medium" with some pink ... which was just the way she ordered it.  So Mia had it sent back ... and my food sat in front of me while we waited.  A few minutes later, the waitress brought Mia a new steak - this one was more &medium well" with barely any pink (which was what Mia asked for).  Again - this wasn't good enough ... so Mia sent it back, as I watched my own meal get cold.  The third try worked - but not before Mia had gotten pretty huffy with the waitress.  My own take on the situation was - this is a Sizzler, not a five star restaurant ... I wanted to tell Mia to shut the fuck up, and eat the damn steak, but I never said a word.  I did leave the waitress a nice tip though.

Okay - so the psycho illustration of Mia continues.  Mia was a single mom, and was not receiving any child support.  She lived in the poor part of town, and drove an older car.  She asked me to come over, and that she would make me dinner - but she only had hamburger helper, with no hamburger.  To me this sounded like she might appreciate some help - so on my way over, I purchased a couple of packages of ground sirloin ... one for that night, and one for her and her son on a different night.  When I showed up with the meat, she had a fit - she said she didn't need any fucking handouts!  I explained to her that I was just trying to help out, and she did wind up using the meat ... but whole evening was weird because she had bitched me out so badly when I first arrived.  When it came time for me to leave, she walked me out to my car ... and when I tried to give her a kiss, she told me "Not in front of my son, you idiot!"  Her son was inside playing a video game, and I was only looking for a peck, not a make out session ... so as I drove away, I was 100% positive that this girl was absolutely psycho, and I never called her again.

Everything that happened with Mia occurred right away - the signs of psychosis were very obvious, and any midlife bachelor would have to be blind not to notice them.  Sometimes the signs can take quite some time to surface - as is the case of one of my earliest girlfriends, Michele.  Michele was a very good-looking, very intelligent blonde that I had met in my youth.  She and I dated, and wound up in bed together very quickly.  The sex was absolutely fantastic - and I couldn't get enough of her ... we were always knocking it out any chance we could.  After the newness of the relationship started to wear off, I began to notice that Michele had a pretty bad temper at times.  She didn't yell at people in public (as in the Tiffany example), rather her anger was directed pretty much at me only, and would build up over time.  Her anger would accumulate, and then just about anything would set her off - and she would actually punch me in the face, like a man!  I had never seen anything like this before - ever ... so I was unsure how to handle it.  I never hit her back - but what I did do (when I saw the punch coming) was stop her fist with my hand, and twirl her around into a bear hug until she calmed down.  Her behavior alarmed me so much that I insisted she go to a psychologist for therapy ... which she did.  But that violent behavior always came back.  I thought about calling the police - but friends had told me that anytime you call the police in a domestic violence situation, the man always goes to jail ... plus I thought it would look a little silly of me telling a police officer that this hot little blonde was abusing me - it just sounded bad.  Fortunately, she dumped me before things got any worse.   [I've never had any other girlfriend ever behave violently toward me.]

You can see from these examples the different symptoms of a woman being psycho, and the various timeframes in which this behavior emerges.  The bottom line - as a midlife bachelor, you've got to keep your eyes and ears open ... you've got to watch these women like a hawk, and know what you are getting yourself into.  Sure - you can continue dating a psycho woman ... but there will come a time when you may regret it.  My advice is that you deal with it earlier rather than later, and jettison any psycho woman you find yourself dating.  Your next girlfriend is not likely to be as psycho!  Next, please!



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