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Types of Women - JACKPOT

Jackpot woman
Types of Women - Jackpot
Hitting the "jackpot" basically means you won the lottery, or something similar.  And that is exactly how I use this term with respect to a girlfriend.  A "jackpot" girlfriend possesses all of the qualities you could ever hope for!  And every man's "jackpot" is going to be different.  For example, a devoutly religious man's jackpot is probably a very good-looking virgin that goes to the same church as he does, and whose father is the minister.  The term "jackpot" as it applies to women in my own vocabulary actually came from a period of dating in my mid-twenties.  At the time, just about any woman who had a nice pair of boobs was considered ideal.  I started dating one of my blonde neighbors - a woman who had a professional career (pharmacist) as well as a very nice pair of boobs, and when I told one of my good friends about her, his response was to yell out "JACKPOT", and high five me.  I've used the term "jackpot" ever since.

Since the days of my youth, the term "jackpot" has proved to be evolutionary.  In my mid-twenties, the pharmacist with big boobs was the jackpot.  In my later twenties, I considered women who were good looking, and who were enthusiastic sex partners to be jackpots.  In my thirties and beyond, I've always thought that hot Latinas were my jackpot.  In my late thirties, I went through a phase where women with DD-size breasts were the jackpot - oh yes!  [I have since decided that those DDs are more of a luxury item than a requirement for jackpot status.]  I have always considered nice teeth to be a jackpot prerequisite.  Just a few years ago, I thought that the blonde bombshell nymphomaniac Becky was my jackpot (but she only proved to be a jackpot for a few months ... waste not, want not!).  So for me, the definition of jackpot really has evolved over time.

Now I never dated a really wealthy woman, but such a woman would automatically be considered a jackpot - probably for most any ordinary guy, right?  Oprah would clearly be a jackpot ... as would news anchorwoman Katie Couric ... or any of the current female movie stars.  A woman CEO would also be considered a jackpot - as would a trust fund heir, or a lottery winner.  I suppose that I sound shallow and materialistic here, but please - who wouldn't want to date a very wealthy woman?  I'm not saying to love someone under false pretenses ... I'm not suggesting that one feign love in order to lead a life of luxury.   Rather - I'm saying that if you love a woman who happens to be rich, then you have obviously hit the damn jackpot!  If you want to read an article about how to meet or date a wealthy man or woman, then see one of our other articles here entitled, How to Date a Wealthy Man or Woman

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