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Types of Women - THE BOSS

Boss Woman
Types of Women - The Boss
You probably know this - but just about ALL women really want to be "the boss".  Some want to be the boss in bed, others want to be the boss with the children, or maybe just in certain situations - others want to be the boss at all times!  The challenge that we men face is to let them THINK they are the boss, when in fact we know that we men are really the boss, right?  Isn't that the key to a successful relationship?  I'll come back to that question.  For now - what does "the boss" really mean here in the context that I'm using it?   It refers to a woman who needs to think that she is the one in control of the relationship.

The modern woman comes in all types of personality configurations, and levels of bossiness.  First recognize that there is a huge difference between a woman who THINKS she is the boss versus a woman who IS actually the boss.  How do you know the difference?  If you find yourself following her instructions at all times, then she is the boss.  If instead you accomplish your own personal goals and objectives while appearing to comply with her wishes - then your woman only thinks she is the boss.  I suppose some of us men need a woman to order us around, and give us purpose - NOT.  Yuck - that last sentence left a bad taste in my mouth.  I guess what I'm trying to say is - never let a woman be your boss ... as it is pathetic and demeaning and counter-cultural.  If women were supposed to be the boss, then we would be taking on their last name when we marry them. If women were supposed to be the boss, then we would have had female Presidents of the United States by now (sorry, Hillary).  I could go on - but you get the idea.  Women should not be your boss in a relationship - it is just too much power to give them.

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Now - everything I have been saying refers to women as the boss of the relationship - which is bad.  However, occasionally putting women in charge of certain things can be entertaining ... such as making them the occasional boss in bed.  Now I have to admit that I have not had too many bossy women in my life (probably because I am pretty bossy myself) - but there have been several.  I once briefly dated a Persian woman named Mehrnaz who was so intensely beautiful and charming.  I used to like to make her the boss for our sexual activities - mostly because she was so horny, and always insisted on having sex.  Her being the boss of our sexuality worked out well - many times, all I had to do was pick her up ... and within an hour or so, she was unzipping my pants in the car, and would insist that I park somewhere and make love to her.  We did this literally all the time.  It was crazy.  And if I were the boss, I probably never would have even thought of doing that.  Actually, I think I've only done that a handful of times with other women since.

Okay - so the beautiful Persian woman as the boss of our sexual activities worked out well ... because she was the boss of one specific part of the relationship.  I mentioned that I have not really dated any women who had a bossy personality type - mostly because I, myself, am considered bossy.  Actually, I have had a fair number of women tell me that I am "domineering, controlling, and manipulative".  Some have used those exact words, while others expressed these same ideas less concisely - but that pretty much says it.  I am the boss!  I once TRIED to date a bossy woman - a very hot Mexican girl who was a college student at the local university.  I met Karen because she worked at the local dry cleaners, and she told one of the other girls who worked there that she wanted to go out with me ... the other girl told me that Karen liked me, and so I asked Karen to dinner.  Wow - was Karen a handful.  At the end of our dinner, she told me that she wanted to go back to my condo and watch TV.  [Remember - if a woman says she wants to go to your house and watch TV, then something good is about to happen to you.]  So I took Karen back to my condo, and she asked me to show her around.   We hadn't been at my condo for more than five minutes, when she just grabbed me and started making out with me.  It was crazy - she was all over me ... but she would not remove her top or pants.  Not yet anyway.  She actually left fairly suddenly, and the whole episode was over as quickly as it began.  Now a few more days passed, and I think I was just finishing up some yard work, when the phone rang ... and it was Karen ... who told me that she was coming over.  Now since I like to be presentable, and clearly would not be for at least an hour - I told her to instead come over after an hour.  Her response was that she would find something else to do - and would catch up with me later.  Huh?  That was really strange.  In the interest of keeping this story short, I'll say that I discovered over the next week or so that anytime I had an idea that was different than Karen's - that it would piss her off.  If she was not in control of everything, then nothing happened.  Guess what wound up happening between me and Karen?  You guessed it - nothing.  In hindsight, I'm thinking now that maybe I should have played her game long enough to get into those luscious panties of hers ... and just cut her loose after a month or so.  But no.

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We have learned here how having a woman as THE BOSS can work either for or against you.  Keep what I've explained here in mind the next time you think a woman is getting a little bossy with you.  You have to decide for yourself if it is worth it, if you can control it, or if you need to direct that bossiness into a particular component of the relationship (or to a particular spot on your anatomy).  Bottom line - if a bossy woman makes you feel subjugated, then it is probably time to move on.



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