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Types of Women - RELIGIOUS

Religious woman
Types of Women - Religious
First let me say that I by no means intend to offend anyone by what I'm about to say about religious women.  I am highly in favor of religion.  If today's world had more widespread participation and belief in religion, then I'm sure it would be a better place than it is now.  Religion is good - you can quote me on that, if you wish.  And for the record, I am Catholic - Roman Catholic to be specific.  I'm just not really what is called a "practicing Catholic" ... perhaps because I had too much practice growing up?  That is another story entirely.

I used to consider religious women to be a puzzle.  By default, I respected them a lot more than an ordinary non-religious woman.  I thought they were perhaps a little bit better than me ... and better than the average woman, too.  The reason I thought this way was that I had never really dated or been with a religious woman - so my predispositions were based on perception and hearsay.  In general, I thought that all religious women had extremely high moral values, and were more likely to be understanding and level-headed than typical women.  And I'm sure that some religious women do live up to those lofty expectations that I once had.

In my life, independent of women, I have run into two distinct types of religious people - "real" and "somewhat".  The "real" religious people take religion to an extreme, and believe that if you do not conform or subscribe to their brand of Christianity, then most assuredly you are going to hell.  And that is fine for them to believe this - I, myself, do not think that way.  These "real" Christians are not where I am going to focus this section on.  Let me just say that what I'm calling a "real" Christian woman needs is a "real" Christian man ... and if you are not an extreme Christian, and you are trying to date a "real" Christian woman, then good luck.  You will either need to find Jesus, and commit yourself totally to him - or you won't be able to date her.  I would think that converting to born-again status just to date a particular woman represents fraud, in a sense - so I would advise against it.

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No - in this section, the type of religious woman that I address is what I refer to as "somewhat" Christian.  "Somewhat" in the sense that she goes through some or all of the motions of being a Christian, but does not live out her life in a true puritanical fashion.  Thank goodness for these somewhat Christian women ... as this way, you get some good guiding influences of Christianity without the rigors or confines of modern Christian extremism.

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So what about these somewhat religious women?  Who are they, and how do you recognize them?  Actually it is pretty easy.  They will do things like teach Sunday school, or adult Christian education classes.  They will attend church regularly, and be active in their church, and possibly want to take you to church with them.  They may subscribe to certain faith-based codes - such as Mormon women who wear garments (which are essentially grandma underwear).  They typically are more family-oriented than non-religious women ... meaning that they like to spend time with their parents and siblings and children and other relatives.  They typically don't drink heavily or do drugs.  All of this is fine - very healthy and wholesome ... clean-living is a word that comes to mind.  Now everything I've just described is really their lifestyle - notice that I didn't say anything about high moral values with respect to these "somewhat" Christian women ... and that is because often the high moral values associated with this type of woman are more of a goal than a reality.

These "somewhat" Christian women, as I call them, are basically just like every other woman - they may just have a slightly harder shell.  This means that sometimes (certainly not always) they require more effort in order to get them into bed, and into what a normal midlife bachelor considers a normal relationship.  The harder shell I mentioned is really just their own mental goal of having high moral values.  Once that shell is broken through, then these women are usually a lot of fun - probably the opposite of what one initially expected.  Or at least that is true with me.  So what I'm saying here is - don't be intimidated by someone who goes to church a lot, and appears to be active in her church.  Unless she is preaching gospel to you (indicating she is what I referred to as a "real" Christian), then she is just like every other woman out there ... just waiting for you (the midlife bachelor) to be her next love!

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I have dated several "somewhat" Christian women before.  All were divorcees.  One was protestant (don't remember which denomination), and another was LDS (Mormon).  The protestant woman, Linda, was freshly divorced when I met her.  I actually went to high school with Linda, plus I saw her every week at the gym.  Linda was a just a little bit chunky - but it was all in the right places, and when I did see her in the gym, I always thought to myself that I'd like to get a piece of her action.  Anyway, Linda and I hooked up for a date after she revealed to me that she had left her husband months before, and was bored.  I knew she was religious because she was always talking about her church, and teaching Sunday school - and how her little boy at the time enjoyed playing with the other children at church, etc.  Now I had two competing ideas in my head about Linda.  First I thought to myself that she was as fresh a divorcee as there gets - and usually that means fun, fun, fun.  My next thought was that she was religious, and might not let me into her pants at all until her divorce was final.  Before we really started dating, Linda came over one evening to say "hi", and to hang out for an hour or so.  Her son was really tired, so we let him knap on my bed in the master bedroom while Linda and I watched TV in the living room.  Now nothing had ever happened between me and Linda prior to this - but as we were watching TV, I thought to myself about the golden rule of bachelorhood, ALWAYS GO FOR IT, and so I put my arm around her, and started kissing her.  I could tell that she was surprised by this, but also really turned on - so within ten minutes or so, I put my hand underneath her skirt and started to rub her from outside her underwear.  This woman just about came after five minutes of this - she was so ready for everything ... but her son was in the next room, and so we stopped.  However, I knew at this point that all of that religion was not going to hold Linda back - and sure enough, on our very next date it all happened just like I thought it would.  And as a general comment, Linda turned out to be one of the hornier women I dated - she always wanted to have sex.  She had great big wonderful breasts, and a really perfect round ass ... the type I loved to get from behind, or from the front for that matter.

The LDS (Mormon) woman I dated was another lesson in religion for me.  I met this woman at one of the local outdoor mall places - she was around twelve years younger than me, and just seemed really friendly.  As I befriended her, I noticed that she kept talking about how fat she had gotten after having had three children (she was also divorced).  Well she was chunky, but she was not what I would call fat or obese ... and I would tell her this, and I think it endeared her toward me.  Kristy would always talk about going to church, and what was going on there - what her kids and parents and Mormon friends were doing, etc.  It sounded like all of her life (except for me) was centered around the LDS faith and institution.  It seemed strange that she appeared interested in me - and I couldn't help wonder if her real interest was in getting me to church and converting me.  That turned out NOT to be the case, as I found out the first night that I took her to dinner.  The first thing she asked for when we sat down was a big margarita - strange because Mormons are not allowed to drink.  Then she had another margarita.

During dinner I remember her looking at her watch, and telling me that she had to be home by 11:00 p.m. because her parents were watching her kids ... and since it was already 8:00 p.m., we might want to go over to my house, and watch some TV between now and then.  In case you have not figured this out, when someone wants to go to your house or theirs and "watch some TV", what that really means is they want some action!  Wooohooo - the young Mormon woman was about to turn on to me!  So we went to my house, and I'll always remember what happened next.  She was always talking about being Mormon, and she knew that I did not know anything about the LDS faith ... so she asked me if I knew what "garments" were.  No - I didn't.  She explained that they are big underwear that all LDS women are required to wear - so as to cover up their womanhood as much as possible.  I told her that I had never heard of such a thing, and to please show me.  Off came her dress, and there is this 28-year old LDS woman standing there in front of me wearing what looked like a cross between thermal underwear and the type of underwear I would expect a grandmother to wear.  Wow - I told her I had never seen anything like that before, and now could she please take all of that underwear off ... and she did.  And the next thing I noticed was that she was shaved clean - Brazilian style.  Holy smoke, was that a turn on - and you can guess what happened next.  I only dated this woman for a month, but she turned out to always want to come over and have sex.  Definitely NOT what I was initially expecting.

You as a midlife bachelor need to decide for yourself if you want to date one of these "somewhat" Christian or religious women.  I personally don't think they are any different than women who are not religious - although they may have some more pent-up sexual demand in them.  I suppose what I'm saying here is that even if you are not religious yourself, don't write off this segment of society as un-datable - because you may be missing out on some good experiences.  I'm very glad I dated those two religious women.



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