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Types of Women - SHOWGIRL (Attention Whore)

Showgirl woman
Types of Women - Showgirl (Attention Whore)
How many of us know a woman who frequently puts on some kind of show?  I'm talking about a woman who often has some kind of drama around her - whether real or imagined, and always has to be talking about it.  This type of woman is a showgirl ... sometimes known as a "drama queen".  She is often the center of attention where ever she is.  She wants everyone (especially you) to notice her.   She wants you to hear her story.  She will make a scene if she is mad, and will be completely unapologetic.  She is also always right.  Sometimes these women dress in ways that draw excessive attention to themselves - like wearing something a little too low-cut, or tight.  These women are often very good-looking, and used to getting their way - but they can be so annoying.  SO ANNOYING!

What causes this showgirl type of woman to behave this way?  Who knows - I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  All I know is that they are easy to spot.  Sometimes they are fun to watch.  I actually enjoy a good showgirl - as long as she is not practicing her drama too often.  If there is no show whatsoever, then a woman might be considered boring.  So there is some happy medium that each man can tolerate - but you will find women of all variations out in the world.

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In my life, I've dated several showgirls.  I wrote earlier about Nurse Debi - the very hot Latina nurse who probably drank more than her fair share.  She was so much fun.  Debi dressed a little hoochie - which means she sometimes wore very tight clothes that were a bit overkill considering she was in her mid-forties.  But I liked the way she looked.   I often wanted to bang her just because she dressed that way.  I remember one time we went to lunch, and she was dressed a little hoochie - and after lunch I just couldn't resist propping her up on my dining room table, and having sex with her.  She was not wearing any underwear so I just lifted up her skirt, and made it happen.  That was so hot - wow.

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Other than dressing a little hoochie, Debi definitely put on a show from time to time.  As I mentioned, she enjoyed drinking maybe a little too much.  Sometimes when she drank too much, she would get loud and obnoxious - and if I ever asked her to quiet down, then holy cow would there be hell to pay ... as she would yell and fuss and leave the venue after creating a big scene.  Many times, she would come to my house after work and then proceed to drink two full bottles of wine over about a three hour period.  At least a dozen times, she would get annoyingly drunk - and I would tell her to please slow down or calm down, and then she would run outside my front door ... then from the middle of my quiet street, she would yell at the top of her lungs "GREG IS AN ASSHOLE", then jump in her car and burn rubber down the street as she drove away.  [The two cops that lived next door to me loved watching this - it seemed to happen around once each week, and they thought it was priceless comedy.]  Unfortunately, Debi did not last.  On one such drama night when she ran out into the street to yell out my status, instead of my usual attempt to coax her back - I just closed the door, and turned off the light ... and that was the end of her.  She never came back - which was sad for me, but probably best for both of us.  I do miss her a lot though - as I have very fond memories of her and me together.

There are certainly many other types and extremes of showgirls already illustrated in this website.  Regina the fireball Latina who was always going through my stuff looking for evidence of cheating - she was a showgirl in the sense that she demanded my full attention.  So is my buddy, Greg's wife, Tiffany - she is a constant showgirl.  I suppose "showgirl" is thus often not an exclusive category - it is often coupled with other interesting attributes or qualities which can be good or bad.  My advice - as a midlife bachelor, the best thing to do is to watch the show, and decide for yourself if it is worth it.  If nothing else, the show makes for great stories to tell your friends, right?

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