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It is SO EASY to take one's health for granted when you are young. You never really appreciate your health until the day comes that something has changed.  This section is dedicated to discovering, exposing, and sharing health-related issues that surface at midlife. This particular section of the site relies on YOU to submit good health-related content to us - so if you are a male between the ages of 35 and 55, and have experienced any health-related challenges and/or including cosmetic surgery then we would LOVE to hear from you so that ALL midlife bachelors can benefit from your experiences.  Start by emailing us a short outline of what you'd like to submit - email it to

  1. Erectile Dysfunction and You
    If you have ever experienced any sort of difficulty with respect to having an erection, then this is the section for you to read. Learn about the different types of erectile dysfunction, and also what can be done about it - all from someone who experienced it. The scariest part is admitting to yourself (and your partner) that something is wrong. Once you are past that hurdle, then E.D is treatable - and you can resume your life albeit with a new appreciation for what you once took for granted.

  2. Surviving your Prostate Exam
    If you have not had a physical exam recently, then boy are you in for a big surprise. Sometime after you reach age 35, the doctor will want to check you for an enlarged prostate. This is a fairly invasive exam, but is necessary to know if you have any early symptoms of prostate cancer. Read this section to know what is coming, and why it is important.

  3. Upper GI Endoscopy & Sigmoidoscopy
    These odd-sounding medical procedures essentially equate to having a camera pushed both down one's throat, and also up one's ass. I recently had both done in the same session - and fortunately came out with a clean bill of health. Learn why these tests are performed, and what the experience was like. Many midlife bachelors go through one or both of these at some point.

  4. Hemorrhoids - Treatment, Complications, Pain, and Suffering
    Here is kind of a worst-case scenario of what you can expect if you get a really bad case of hemorrhoids. Includes a discussion about prevention, types of treatments, surgery, complications, pain, and suffering. All from the author's viewpoint. You don't want to miss this.

Be sure to also check out the latest Health-related short articles from our Short Midlife Articles section ...

Sudden Race to Find a Nursing Home  
At midlife, as our parents become quite elderly, we can quite suddenly find ourselves faced with them going through a medical emergency – which can then lead to what is essentially a race to find them the appropriate post-hospitalization care ...

The Price of Having a Great Tan - Melanoma
How much is having a great tan really worth to you?  When people say “he has a tan to die for” – there can be more truth to that than the expression is meant to imply.  There can be some extremely serious consequences from prolonged exposure to the sun …

Laser Spider Vein Removal Treatment #2
I just had a second laser spider vein removal treatment performed on my face. This is an overview of what transpired, and what I looked like the day after the procedure ...

Cosmetic Laser Treatment for that Midlife Face
Ever thought about improving your midlife complexion through one of those fancy laser cosmetic procedures that people sometimes talk about? This is the first of two articles that discusses the treatment I went through in order to remove tiny spider veins that started showing up on my face ....

Removing a Parent from Life Support
If you are curious about the types of things one goes through when removing a loved one from life support, then check this out.  Definitely not for the faint of heart.

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